Screening & Assessment Services

Human Skills & Resources offers a variety of screening services both for individuals self referred for treatment as well as those referred by the criminal justice system. 


Screening is the formal process of evaluating the problem(s) of an individual and results in referral for services. The screening process will determine the likelihood an individual may be experiencing a substance abuse related disorder and result in referral for participation in recommended services. (i.e., substance abuse counseling). If residential treatment is indicated, referral to state waitlist may be provided. This screening will not help with reinstatement of your driver’s license. (Cost: $25.00)


The evaluation is necessary for reinstatement of driving privileges in the State of Oklahoma; all recommendations are consistent with established laws.  For more information visit our DUI / ADSAC Services Page.


The evaluation is a more comprehensive means of assessing substance use concerns. While the substance abuse screening process is generally sufficient to determine necessary intervention, some prefer the more extensive evaluation which identifies concerns contributing to, and related to, substance use. This evaluation will not help with reinstatement of your driver’s license. (Cost: $75.00)


The evaluation will assist in assessing concerns related to management of anger and coping strategies used to resolve anger. It is generally not appropriate if concerns related to domestic or intimate partner violence are evident. (Cost: $75.00)


The evaluation seeks to assess the client’s overall mental stability. This is not a psychological evaluation, and no formal psychological testing instruments are administered.  Any recommendations for pharmacological (medication) intervention will result in referral for these services elsewhere. (Cost: $100.00)


This evaluation is for an educational Batterers Program certified by the OAG which does not provide the same level of confidentiality afforded to other treatment services and does not assure confidentiality in respect to the Judge, DA, referring agency or victim(s). For more information related to the Batterer's Intervention Program visit our Batterer's Intervention page. (Cost: $100.00)


The Offender Screening is available to those individuals engaged in the felony criminal justice system in Creek & Rogers County to have this specific Risk/Needs Screening completed. The screening will identify substance abuse and mental health concerns as well as an individual’s risk to reoffend.  This screening will not help with reinstatement of your driver’s license.