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Opioid Withdrawal Management /

Medication Assisted Treatment

Human Skills & Resources is certified by the Department of Mental Health to offer Outpatient Withdrawal Management for participants dependent on Opioid Pain Medication, while they participate in the Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program. The program utilizes Buprenorphine (Subutex/Suboxone) to manage withdrawal symptoms and is closely managed by the prescribing physician. Additionally, participants are closely monitored via drug testing and pill counts to identify and discourage misuse or diversion of the medications

Duration of Treatment – The Opioid Withdrawal Management program is designed to last 4-6 months, however, maintenance treatment may be considered if medically indicated.

Frequency – During the initial stage of treatment participants must meet with the physician weekly to ensure that medications are effectively managing withdrawal symptoms. Additionally, participants may have to report to the office and meet with the Registered Nurse for assessment and to receive further instructions. As a participant progresses through the program, these appointments become less frequent.

Drug Testing – Every participant in the Opioid Withdrawal Management program must submit random UA’s during the course of the program. All UA’s must be submitted on the date they are requested. A positive UA for a prohibited substance will result in an adherent incident being reported to the physician who will determine continued eligibility. Repeated misses or diluted UA’s will be staffed by the Medical and Clinical Staff to determine the appropriate course of action, which may include increased reporting, increased drug testing, or potentially administrative withdrawal and termination from the program.

Cost – During treatment you will incur treatment and urinalysis related cost. An important part of your treatment program is monitoring these costs, and paying all related fees to the best of your ability. Although payment is expected at the time the service is rendered, we will work with you on developing and updating a payment plan if needed.

State/Federal funding is available for those who meet income guidelines. Please ask the front desk for the work sheet to see if you qualify. A price list is available upon request for those who do not qualify for State funding.

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