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Certified Batterer's Intervention Program  (BIP)

The Batterer’s Intervention Program is a 52 week educational program certified by the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General. The group is designed to challenge participant’s use of power and control tactics within their intimate relationships. Participants must commit to non-violence within their relationships and are held accountable for their actions and statements. Participants must complete an initial assessment and program orientation prior to beginning the BIP program.

​​The Batterers Program does not provide the same level of confidentiality afforded to other treatment services and does not assure confidentiality in respect to the Judge, DA, referring agency or victim(s).  Attendance requirements are defined by the Oklahoma Attorney General and are non-negotiable.

BIP Program Cost:   

Group Sessions: $30.00

Individual Sessions: $30.00

Initial Evaluation: $100.00

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