Human Skills & Resources

Providing quality community-based,
rehabilitative services to individuals
needs, through counseling services,
education and advocacy.


Human Skills & Resources welcomes and provides quality community based, rehabilitative services to individuals in Oklahoma who are in need, through counseling based services, education and advocacy, including those with substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health conditions. Human Skills and Resources believes it is the right of every individual, regardless of race, gender, age, disability, or socioeconomic status to have the highest quality of services available. We believe through a mission minded staff we can provide these services.

What We Provide

DUI Schools (ADSAC) 10 and 24 Hours - Screening, diagnostic evaluations, and assessments - Substance Abuse Treatment: Adult and Adolescent - Relapse Prevention/Aftercare - Drug Alcohol Testing - Mental Health Services: Adult and Child/Adolescent, Individual, Group, Couples, Family - Anger Management: Adult and Adolescent - Life Skills Classes/Cognitive Behavioral Groups - Drug Court Treatment Providers for Tulsa, Creek, and Rogers County - Court Ordered Supervisions - Community Sentencing Program: Supervision and Treatment Provider - Batterer Program - Parent Education - Referral to Community Resources


The Impact of Alcohol Consumption in America